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The Pearls of Writing Wisdom

indecisionI know this will come as a surprise to you, but writers tend to be a little emotional. It’s a by-product – perhaps even a requirement to be able to go deep and find a way to create a response within our readers.  We tap into our characters’ deepest fears and exploit them for the sake of the story. Which is a good thing, right?

Except when it comes to dealing with our own insecurities and fears…or indecision. Sometimes, the hardest question I have to ask myself (and I’m going to think there’s at least one or two people out there that have been in the same boat at least once) is “Where next?”

With my upcoming release next week, I will have finished my current contract. I have several other projects that are “in progress” but no clear direction as to which project(s) is the right way to go…

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Inspirational Quote Friday – Eleanor Roosevelt

The Pearls of Writing Wisdom


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I confess I’ve loved this quote for a long time. I still smile when Joseph reminds Amelia of this very fact in Princess Diaries (You caught me, I’ve watched that movie more times than I can count. The love story between Clarisse and Joseph…but I digress.)

As authors, we need to remember this quote ALL THE TIME. Why? Because our industry is highly subjective and what one agent/editor/reader loves…another one hates.  I’ve entered contests a few times in the past and I’m always amazed at how people could read the exact same words on a page and walk away with such varying interpretations of a piece of work.

The important distinction authors have to remind themselves about is just because someone doesn’t like or appreciate our work, it’s not a direct reflection of us personally (though, I admit…

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